Betway Pill God Chapter Spinmatic4611 Transformation of the Magic Mirror

After he helps Fang Qing and the others resolve the matter here, he can further discuss with them about lifting the curse. Chen Xiang suspected that the power of this spell was from the same source as the power of the spell that plagued the Four Great Sages, otherwise it wouldn’t be as scary as the bet game. Sister Xiaojing suddenly told Chen Xiang a piece of good news, that the Divine Mirror of Six Paths had already cultivated Endorphina, the appearance didn’t seem to have changed much, but the improvement was very huge. She has already made the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths to cultivate the world-defying universe map. Although real madrid is only at the initial stage, it is stronger than the world-defying mountain and river map. Chen Xiang can’t experience it right now, after all, he is still in Lost Soul Village, if he uses it, it will definitely cause a great phenomenon. With the completion of the cultivation of the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths, Slot Games’ Ao Shi Shen Furnace has also been tempered by Sister Xiao Jing! Sister Xiaojing is the destiny soul of the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths, and also the destiny soul of the Six Paths, and she is also very good at refining weapons. So her Liverpool used the Heavenly Mother Eternal Art to refine the Six Paths Divine Mirror and the World-Defying Divine Furnace, which also brought great enhancements. Previously, Chen Xiang had collected a large number of fragments of ancient chaotic devices. Several damaged ancient chaotic devices were integrated into the Six Paths Divine Mirror, the World-Proud Divine Furnace, the Azure Dragon Demon-Slaying Knife and the White Tiger Frightening Fan. The biggest improvement of the Aoshi Shenfu is not only that it has become much stronger, but also that the furnace of the Evolution game has double furnace cores! That is to say, inside the Aoshi Shenfu, there are two areas that can concoct alchemy at the same time! In the past, every time Aoshi Divine Furnace made alchemy, it could only refine one kind of alchemy at the same time, but now that there are double furnace cores inside, it can simultaneously refine two different types of alchemy! This can make Chen Xiang refine casino slot pills even faster! What’s more, sister Xiaojing is still in Dan

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