World Proud Pill God Rumble Chapter 458 Forebet 1 Breaking the Curse and Rebirth

Chen Xiang also seemed to be getting to know this Cailian a little bit gradually, and the personality of the Lotus Emperor could allow her to fight without any distractions when she was strong, so it seemed that Paripesa didn’t have much emotional fetters. The Tianmu personality is full of wisdom, able to comprehend all kinds of cultivation, and responsible for solving some problems. Lian Er’s personality is that when she is weak, she has a certain probability of surviving! If she had still had the fierce and cold temperament of Emperor Lian’s personality when she was weak, she would definitely cause trouble everywhere, but Lian Er’s personality is very likable. “Although Tianmu Wanshijue has flaws, it is also very rare, and it is a very excellent exercise!” Bet9ja Chen Xiang said: “I, Endorphina, have been greatly inspired by it, and I am also very grateful for the benefits Tianmu Wanshijue has brought to me! “What inspiration? What benefit?” Man City Cailian asked. “I can’t tell for a while! chelsa” Chen Xiang shook his head, and said Slot Games: “I will share with you what I have gained in the future!” “Our cultivation is almost over!” Cai Cai Lian said: “Your cultivation base has improved very quickly. Although I devoured your energy and your dragon before, you didn’t suffer much loss!” “Yes, the one that restricted my physical growth The curse was broken, and my cultivation level has also improved a lot!” Chen Xiang sighed: “This time, Nairabet is really a wonderful experience practicing Tianmu Wanshi Jue!” Only fellow practitioners can make up for it!” Cailian said: “This is what Tianmu told me just now!” “Oh?” Chen Xiang said: “Really?” Change, that’s why she said that!” Cailian said.

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