Leap’s world-defying Betway Pill God Chapter 4548 Great danger

Fiction: ,,, Bet9ja,,,,, real madrid, Yi Tianshu of course saw it, when the tree was born, there was a lot of movement, the sound spread to the Yitian Mountain Range! She walked to the window, and she could see the golden light shining in the distance, which was the forebet from the chaotic dragon tree. Yitian casino Slotshu’s residence is on the peak of a mountain, and the Yitian Mountain Range is suspended in the sky, so her residence is at a very high position. Overlook the past. “The tree in the magic medicine treasure city is called the chaotic dragon tree! It’s the treasure medicine of chaos!” Aunt Yan said, “It seems…that little servant of yours made it. Where the hell is he?” “I don’t know!” Yi Tianshu shook her head, she is Slot Games, she really doesn’t know the origin of Chen Xiang, she only knows that Chen Xiang has a double soul sea, and his double soul sea also has a dragon. “Then how did you take him in as a servant?” Aunt Yan asked. “I used some tricks! And he wasn’t that powerful back then!” Yi Tianshu said: “In short, don’t let me try to persuade him to join Yitianmen!” “It’s the best for him to join Yitianmen!” Choose! You have to think about the location of the Divine Medicine Treasure City…” Aunt Yan sighed: “If Supreme Nine Palaces and Zhaotianzong want to attack the Divine Medicine Treasure City? Once the Parimatch Divine Medicine Treasure City falls into These two forces are a big threat against Yitianmen!” “The magic medicine treasure city will fall into anyone’s hands!” Yi Tianshu said coldly. “But the bigwigs in power at Yitianmen don’t think so! In their view, even if they don’t get the magic medicine city, they have to destroy it, lest the magic medicine city fall into the hands of other forces.

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