Aoshi Danshen Chapter liverpool4533 Learn to practice by yourself Pragmatic play

Chen Xiang wasn’t too sure about it, because the Tianming Ganoderma in his hand was really too small, only as big as a fingernail. The nine-leaf blue last time had a complete flower at least, all it needed was to help it regenerate roots, leaves, and so on. The Tianming Ganoderma lucidum must have been very big in the past, but now there is only this small piece left, and there is not much vitality, so Chen Xiang thinks it is difficult to regenerate it. premier league Pragmatic play “I hope it will come true!” Chen Xiang was in the room, took out the Six Paths Mirror, and illuminated the Destiny Ganoderma lucidum in that box. Chen Xiang also took out more than a dozen pieces of Tianyuan Jingdan and put them into the box, and let that small piece of Tianyuan Ganoderma lucidum lie on top of the Tianyuan Jingdan to absorb the energy of the Tianyuan Jingdan. However, the Destiny Ganoderma did not take the initiative to absorb it, Chen Xiang could only release the power of the Life Baccarat Yuanzhu through the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, and inject it into the Destiny Ganoderma. After more than half an hour, this small piece of Tianming Ganoderma has not changed in any way, Leap is still lifeless. “Could it be that BetWinner is really hopeless?” Chen Xiang sighed and gave up hope. “Brother, our method is wrong!” Sister Xiaojing said: “Since Destiny Ganoderma can prolong life, it should cultivate the Dao of Fate!” “In other words, this Destiny Ganoderma also needs the power of Fate Dao?” Xiang thought of Grandma Ant. Although she cultivated a very powerful force, she couldn’t extend her lifespan. Later, the parimatch was Chen Xiang, who used his life force to help Grandma Ant prolong her life. Later, he extracted the life essence from other people’s souls and injected it into Grandma Ant’s soul to help her prolong her lifescore. It was precisely because Chen Xiang had a certain level of Fate and Dao cultivation that he was able to do these things. “try

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