Ao Shi Dan God Betking Chapter 4Bet9ja518 Start getting rich

Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, Chen Xiang suddenly felt that “terrain” was nothing, because he could already create a terrain, which was even much better than Yitiancheng’s. Before his livescore, he was still thinking about the champions league, whether he could bring the terrain of Yitian City over, but now the terrain he created far surpassed that of Yitian City. The concentration of heaven and earth energy in this magical medicine city is not as strong as that of Yitian City, mainly because the terrain here has just been formed. Generally speaking, the terrain that has just been formed is not very obvious, and it needs to grow over time to reach a certain level in the end. According to Grandma Ant, the terrain will also self-cultivate, and will expand outward after it grows. The energy density of heaven and earth is not as strong as Yitian City, and there is a second reason, that is, this city is too big, much bigger than Yitian City. In addition to resisting external parimatch attacks, the protective barrier can also prevent the internal energy of the world from leaking out. Therefore, after the energy of the world spreads, it will be blocked by the barrier of the city. Chen Xiang was still in the underground lake, and Li Minqing had sent the news through the messenger talisman. She was very happy, but also anxious and worried. “Xiao Shen, what the hell is going on here? Did you do it?” Li Minqing was shocked in his heart. Before, only the central area of ​​the City Lord’s Mansion had relatively strong energy from heaven and earth, but now it spread all over the city. Li Minqing is also very clear that as long as it continues, the energy density of this treasure city of magic medicine Surebet247 will definitely be comparable to that of Yitian City! This city is so big, it will definitely be more prosperous than Yitian City by then. But at the same time, it is also facing a big crisis and 22Bet unstable factors! For example, at Yitianmen, how will they view this city of magic medicine? they will

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