Remains of Chapter 33 of Night Ranger

grey. △¢, this is the main color of BetWinner on the shores of Pombo Sea. Because the Pangbo Sea in Piling Dead Zone itself is gray. The climate here is abnormal, and the sunshine time is quite short. Most of the time, there are large thick dark clouds hovering in the sky. Under the action of the ultra-distance teleportation, Marvin successfully arrived at a small wooden house in the ruined capital. “Master Marvin, I am the leader of the wood elves stationed in the city of ruins, and I am Joan.” A beautiful female elf greeted Marvin. Marvin nodded. He chatted with the female elves for a while, and learned that this teleportation array is guarded by them. After he finds IBGaming, he only needs to come here to find them, and he can quickly return to Chiba Forest. “The wood elves really have a big family and a great career. Nicholas is indeed the most powerful elf king with a far-reaching layout.” Marvin originally thought that there were only traces of wood elves near the Qianye Forest. Unexpectedly, the lord stretched out his hands to the coast of the Pangbo Sea in the northwest of LiveScore. From Joan’s mouth, coupled with Marvin’s previous understanding of the coast of the Pangbo Sea, he has a general idea of ​​this place. Pangbo Sea is the only rumble inland sea in Feinan Continent, but it is much more terrifying than other oceans. In addition to the fog and dark clouds that linger all year round, there are also various terrifying sea monsters haunting us. Perhaps due to the influence of the dead zone, some abnormal phenomena often appear on the sea. Legends such as ghost ships and bone sails are passed down by word of mouth among the people on the west coast. The area in this area is actually no longer in the scope of the south. It belongs to the border between the south and the north. There are many independent city-states along the coast of Pangbo Sea, and what Betway followed is the North

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