Slot Games Ao Shi Dan God poker Chapter 4488 as a slave

Chen Xiang suddenly felt a little embarrassed, the title of Son of Evil Chaos was very bluffing, it was given to him by the Six Clans of Destiny and Soul, so he used it. He never felt that there was any evil and chaos, and always thought that the Six Fate and Soul Clans were trying to discredit him and make people think he was a big devil or something. But now, this Yi Tianshu told him that there is indeed an evil chaos, and it is still an extraordinary existence. As a result, Chen Xiang suddenly felt that he was really ridiculous. “I don’t know that evil chaos really exists?” Chen Xiang curled his lips, waved his hand and said, “After using Spinmatic, I won’t say that I am the son of evil chaos. It’s nothing funny!” “You will meet me, if it is When you meet other guys from the cosmos, they will definitely blow you to ashes on the spot!” Yi Tianshu was suddenly very strict, and warned: “Forebet you, never say that you are the son of evil chaos, this will make you feel like you are a child of chaos. I brought you a fatal disaster!” “I know!” Chen Xiang was surprised in his heart, but also very curious, why the Universe Shenhai was so taboo against evil and chaos. “Master, what kind of Endorphina is the Evil Chaos?” Chen Xiang asked: “Why do you want to kill them all? Are they really killed?” Surebet247 The Chaos Sect is very powerful, and it is the oldest and most primitive existence in the universe Shenhai! In short, as long as the evil chaos exists, all parties in the universe Shenhai will not have a good life!” “In the universe Shenhai, the bloodline of killing evil and chaos is everyone As for whether they have been completely extinct, I don’t know! In short, I haven’t seen them for many years!” Speaking of the evil chaos, Yi Tianshu’s expression was also very serious. “Fate Soul

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