World Proud Pill God Chapter 445 chelsa 8 space la liga context

The little girl is Shen Yuanxin. Although she has disheveled hair and old clothes, she is very beautiful and lovely. “Father!” Shen Yuanxin threw herself into Chen Xiang’s arms when she saw Chen Xiang. “Xiao Yuanxin, it hasn’t been long before you can transform into a human!” Chen Xiang said with a smile. Seeing this little girl, 1xBet’s heart was warm, and he quickly hugged her and lifted her up, and then gently touched her little face. “Father, since you left last time, I have been sleeping here for more than a hundred years baccarataffiliate!” Shen Yuanxin seemed a little shy, she was suspended in the air, her head was lowered, her small hands were tightly clutching the corner of her clothes, and she whispered tenderly : “Father, I’ve turned into a human… Am I not good-looking?” “No way, you are very beautiful, very cute!” Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Xiao Yuanxin, you are as good-looking as Father!” “Really!” Shen Yuanxin smiled, and immediately burst into joy, and then danced in the air. She floated in the air and rolled around. The lively and happy appearance of Nairabet at this moment also made Chen Xiang show a fatherly smile on his face. “Xiao Yuanxin, are you the one who made this casino slot like this?” Chen Xiang looked around and said. In this cosmic heart palace, Chen Xiang can fly, and can easily suspend in the air. “I made it like this!” Shen Yuanxin nodded and said: “Brother, after I woke up, I sensed the time outside, and then synchronized with the time outside!” “By the way, Xiao Yuanxin, Online Casino can you spinmatic Perceived Sheng Xuanxing?” Chen Xiang asked rumble again, he came here to ask Shen Yuanxin for help. “Of course!” After Shen Yuanxin finished speaking, she pursed her lips, and then waved her cute little hands back and forth. suddenly, in

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