Alchemy God Chapter 4443 Spinmatic New Saint Profound Affiliate Star

Fiction: ,,,,,,,, Sportybet, after Chen Xiang came out of the Universe Heart Palace, he urgently needed to find other medicinal materials for alchemy. Over the years, the Nightmare Universe has also bred a large number of high-level medicinal materials. Yan Zilian must be very familiar with this aspect, so Chen Xiang needs her help very much, this will allow him to concoct better divine pills. So now Chen Xiang must ensure that Yan Zilian will no longer be harassed by those people! The Divine Mirror of Six Paths flew through the space, and in just a moment, Chen Xiang was close to the real madrid where Yu Zilian was. “Has the Canglan Sea turned golden?” Chen Xiang was high above the sky, looking at the Canglan Sea below, it was so golden and beautiful, it was very beautiful. There is a small island in front, Chen Xiang can see a large number of flying shuttles swimming on the sea surface, sailing towards that small island. “What’s the matter with these flying shuttles? Why are they like small boats?” Chen Xiang didn’t expect that there would be such a big change in the past few days. The power of the law restricting flight in the sanctuary is getting stronger and stronger, even those flying shuttles are difficult to fly, so they can only swim on the water like a boat. And when Chen Xiang’s Divine Mirror of Six Paths was flying, it consumed a lot of energy from the Sky Source Crystal, but fortunately he had stored a lot of it before. If the Sky Source Crystal is used up, he still has a lot of Sky B Gaming Orbs to use. Chelsa “The flying shuttles of the Nightmare Man and the Nightmare Beastman shouldn’t be able to fly anymore!” Chen Xiang also saw a few big ships, “Could it be the guys from the Palace of Life and Soul and the Six Paths Sacred Gate? Their big ships are also here! “After Chen Xiang’s Six Paths Mirror became invisible, he quietly entered the sky above Nairabet on the small island. Yan Zilian should not be able to fly now, and can only hide in the forest on the small island. Now there are a large number of people searching for her and Xinrou on the island.

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