Alchemy God Chapter 4man cityBGaming338 Wolf King Thunder King

After the Dire orcs came out of the space gate, there was a huge movement, so even the affiliates of the Dire royal family did not know what happened to the altar. The Heavenly Paripesa nightmare royal family thought that the little life soul in the altar was taken away, so there was such a movement. Chen Xiang had slipped away quietly, and the sky above the Nightmare Beast Gate was already in chaos. The Nightmare Beastmen and the others also had an Evolution game similar to the Shuttle, but it wasn’t as delicate and beautiful as the Nightmare Beastman’s. The so-called flying shuttle of the Nightmare orcs looked like a huge black egg case, exuding a red breath, so it immediately dyed the huge rumble fountain red. “Is this the Nightmare Beastman’s flying shuttle?” Chen Xiang had already run to a distance to hide, and took out the telescope to look at the sky above the sea above the Nightmare Betting Gate. After the Dire Orc’s shuttle exploded, a Dire Orc appeared inside! Chen Xiang saw the Dire Beastman with his own eyes, the appearance is not too surprising, they are all very common half-human half-beast body, the size is not very big, Betting is about the same height as a normal person, there is a height There are short. However, the members of the Dire Royal Family made him more curious, because the Dire Royal Family all wore golden armor la liga, while the members of the Dire Royal Family wore blue armor, which wrapped their bodies tightly, and it was impossible to see what it was. Looks like Bet9ja. “The upper body of the Dire Beastman is mainly in human form, and most of the lower body is in the form of a beast!” Chen Xiang looked at it, and found that a few of the Dire Beastman had wings and could fly, and they were not restricted by the laws of the Sanctuary. . The Nightmare Royal Family and the Nightmare Upper Clan, they are standing on the shuttle, they only have a small number of the Nightmare Royal Family

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