Proud Live Betting Shidan Man City God Chapter 4323 Orc disaster

Read the full text, “Brother Shen, the Nightmare Ginseng is similar to grass in our Nightmare Universe, so it doesn’t need to be exchanged! Just treat it as a gift for you… However, these Nightmare Ginseng can’t make alchemy, first of all, there are not enough years, and Betting A few other auxiliary medicines are needed.” Yan Leapqing handed the medicinal materials in his hand to Chen Xiang. After Chen Xiang took it over, he used his clear eyes to look at it, but he didn’t expect to be able to see the year directly, Slot Games only has three years! In addition, it can be seen that these two ginsengs are in excellent condition, and the quality is also very good! “Could it be that my clear mind has a better effect on the Dire universe?” Chen Xiang thought to himself. He had used his clear eyes to look at Yan Qing before, but he didn’t see much about the livescore for the time being. “Thank you, Brother Yan!” Nairabet thanked Chen Xiang after accepting it, and then asked: “How many years of Pragmatic play do you usually need to use for alchemy?” “At least a thousand years! But we all have formations to speed up Time can make medicinal materials grow to a thousand years in a short period of time!” Yan Qing said: “Through our formation, it only takes five years to grow a thousand-year-old ginseng!” 22Bet “Your hand Is there such a Spinmatic formation in the game?” Shen Zhenyi was a little excited and asked hastily. Even Chen Xiang and Guan Ying are very interested in this kind of time formation. “The time formation is a secret of our family, I can’t get it.” Yan Qing shook his head and said: “And the medicinal materials planted can’t be taken out. If it’s only a few years old, I have a lot of them in my hand!” ” Why do you have several years of medicinal materials in your hand?” Guan Ying asked: “Does Slot Games know that you want to secretly grow some Mozzarella?” “In the Dire Universe, Dire Ginseng is the most common medicinal material, and its vitality is tenacious.

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