Aoshi Danshen Chapter 4 Mozzartbet263Sportybet The first holy alchemist

Chen Xiang told rumble Shen Zhenyi about the news from Hua Gangyan. “It’s not Wu Hong’s apprentice, it’s just Dantong next to him! His cultivation is in the middle and late stages of the Holy King Realm!” Shen Zhenyi frowned and said, “If I deal with one of the pokers, I should be able to fight in flashscore, but the two of them together Come on, I can’t beat them!” “There’s no need to fight them!” Chen Xiang laughed and said, “Let me tell you, the poisons I’m putting on your son are all holy pills that are equivalent to fifth and sixth ranks, Except for Wu Hong, those two Dan Tong will definitely be brought down soon.” Shen Zhenyi knows that poison is very powerful, but she has no idea, because she has not been exposed to the truly terrible poison. “How strong is it? I don’t know much about poison! A little poison can bring down the Saint King Realm? Then what’s the point of our hard work to reach the Saint King Realm?” Shen Zhenyi was very skeptical about this. At the Saint King Realm, I also believed that I could defeat the Saint King Realm, but it was different when I reached the Saint King Realm, and all aspects have been greatly improved. What’s more, what Chen Xiang wants to bring down now is the holy alchemist Wu Hong and his alchemy boy! Saint alchemists are not afraid of all kinds of poisons, are they? How could it be possible to put it down? “Just watch it!” Chen Xiang smiled and said, he is very good at using poison, and no one who has never affiliated before knows how terrifying it is. Poison refining and alchemy are the same, as long as the quality of alchemy can be refined to the extreme, then the power of poison can also be refined to the extreme. Chen Xiang used all kinds of strange poisons back then, he was very handy, he had killed many people. Nowadays, there are no strange poisons in Aoshi Universe. Most of the most powerful poisons, Endorphina, are naturally formed, and everyone uses them immediately. There are also people who refine poison, but they only refine poison

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