Surebet247 Aoshi Danshen Chapter 424Bet9ja8 Super Soul Power

The latest station name of the text: Mubi Pavilion Wutian Saintess looked at Bai Zhenzhen, sized her figure, and suddenly remembered that rumble was one of the three women before the competition in the square! Bai Zhenzhen was at the scene at the time. She concealed her aura, so she was not discovered by the saint girl of Wutian, but her figure was remembered by the saint girl of Wutian liverpool. So after seeing Bai Zhenzhen, the Holy Maiden of Wutian immediately remembered that she was also on the scene. Looking back, she knew that even if she defeated Chen Xiang at that time, it would be difficult for her to pass Bai Zhenzhen’s test! She has enough confidence to defeat Chen Xiang, but she doesn’t have the confidence to defeat Bai Zhenzhen. Facing such a powerful beast as Bai Zhen, she has no resistance at all with her human body without using equipment and holy symbols. “You…” Wutian Saintess looked at Chen Xiang, gritted her teeth and said, “So you’ve already made up your mind!” Bai Zhenzhen’s strength is so strong, but she let Chen Xiang play, it’s clear that she came here for a purpose! “Yes! You can’t escape today, so you should cooperate with us obediently!” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “You have a grudge against Zhenzhen, don’t you want to die at her hands? Think about sports betting, you have a soul Talented people, as long as you can grow up and live well for tens of thousands of years, you will definitely be a strong person in this world-defying universe in the future!” Such things as soul endowment are born poker, and Wutian Saintess has a soul endowment , just like what Chen Xiang said in the champions league, as long as she survives, with her hidden soul endowment, she can gain the upper hand when fighting with others. “I have fallen into your hands, will you still let me live?” The most feared thing of Wutian Saintess at the moment is Long Xueyi. Long Xueyi is right in front of her, so close at this moment

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