Aoshidan Leaplive betting God Chapter 4233 The Holy Son Has a Soul Endowment

Theme mode: Restoring the default roulette Author Online Casino: Silent Thief Update time: 2012forebet1201:06 Chen Xiang was worried that the white tiger champions league soldier in the box would be too strong to be suppressed, so he ran away by himself. So many years have passed, who knows what kind of temperament the White Tiger Divine Soldier is now. Even Sister Xiaojing can’t get in touch with the White Tiger Soldier inside the Parimatch box, which means she has escaped from Sister Xiaojing’s control. Back then, the Four Elephants Divine Weapon was retrained by Baihua Poker World, and Xiaojing’s younger sister also participated in the sacrifice of the Four Elephant Divine Weapon. She should be the main weapon soul of the Four Elephant Divine Weapon. For example, now, she is still the soul of the Qinglong Demon Slaying Saber. But later, she couldn’t control the other four-element magic weapons, and the induction gradually weakened, and then she could no longer perceive the four-element magic weapons. So Chen Xiang was more worried, when the time came, the Divine Mirror of Six Paths would not be able to suppress the Divine White Tiger Soldier, after all, when the Divine White Tiger Soldier was summoned, its power would be extremely terrifying. Refined by the White Tiger Warrior Clan, and tempered by the power of the world-defying cosmic law, this White Tiger Divine Weapon must be very powerful. Chen Xiang is still refining alchemy, he needs to refine more detoxification pills, and various poison pills. Of course, there are also some alchemy furnaces that are refining the Holy Power Yuandan by themselves. Chen Xiang ate the live betting of the Saint Energy Primal Pill, and his la liga cultivation base also improved very quickly, and he is now at the peak of the Great Saint Realm. He will soon step into the Saint Master Realm! And this was just a few days of cultivation, mainly because the Shengli Yuandan he refined was much better than what Du Hai gave him. His holy power pills are all refined through the pill furnace controlled by the holy soul pill puppet, but after they are released, they are all put into the world-defying furnace by him, and then mixed with a large number of dzi beads to refine again, so he

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