Night Ranger Chapter 4 Miracle 【First Betking update】

The prince in prison fell into a long silence. ∈↗, he looked at the guard not far away, and whispered: “I must know who you are, otherwise I can’t trust you.” That’s all it takes.” Marvin Leap said quickly. “Then what is your purpose? To overthrow the temple? There is no such master in the rebel army!” Ala Gong became more and more confused. This man in the shadows seemed to appear out of nowhere from the Champions League. In this small world, he had never heard of this man at all. 22Bet “If you really want to know, you must show the sincerity of cooperation.” Marvin whispered: “If you are willing to cooperate, I might as well tell you my origin.” “Cooperation?” Aragorn smiled wryly He said: “Do you really think that the temple can be overthrown with a few masters?” “Why not?” Marvin asked back. “The power of the temple is deeply rooted. Since my grandfather’s generation, Nottingham has been preparing to weaken the power of the shadow temple; my father once had the same wish.” He paused when he said this. Marvin’s mind turned sharply, and he suddenly understood: “The rebel army.” Aragorn nodded slightly: “To be honest, with our management arrangements for so many years, it is not impossible to really fight the temple to the death.” “But the temple is not just a temple.” “Standing behind the temple is a god.” “Although His Highness Shadow has not performed miracles for a long time, he is still there. The fate of this land is doomed, and we BetWinners are all People of God. We cannot disobey God’s will.” Marvin was a little playful

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