Proud livescore Shidan God Betway Chapter 4173 Double Zijin

Text text Latest station name: Mubi Pavilion Chen Xiang is also a disciple of the Holy Pill Academy, and also a disciple of Zijin Yuling. If it is about friendship, Chen Xiang has a better relationship with the director of Shengdan Academy, after all, he is Du Yanyao’s grandfather, and he is an old acquaintance. Although Wang Tianwen worshiped Chen Xiang as the big Endorphina brother, but he didn’t know each other for long, Du Haina can be said to be his own family. So if Shengdan Academy needs help, Shen Xiang from Liverpool will definitely help. Headmaster Dakun also rushed to the Holy Pill Academy in a hurry. Chen Xiang and the others also followed Wang Tianwen and the others. Fu Yuya knew that Chen Xiang was a disciple of the Holy Pill Academy, and she didn’t dare to doubt Chen Xiang now, after all, Chen Xiang just defeated Jiang Feng from Wutian Temple! Although Fu Yuya hated Chen Xiang very much, she was very curious about Chen Xiang’s alchemy. Not only Fu Yuya, but everyone who learned that Chen Xiang had passed the assessment of the Holy Alchemy Academy wanted to know whether Chen Xiang’s alchemy technique could be on par with his rune technique. The Holy Pill Academy is located in the Dakun Gate, which is a transcendent existence. Since ancient times, the forces of various factions within the Dakun Gate have been unable to infiltrate the Holy Pill Academy. The main reason is that to enter the Holy Pill Academy, you need real skills. An alchemist who can make alchemy does not need to look at the faces of the various factions, but instead depends on the faces of the Holy Alchemy Academy. Although the Rune Academy has a considerable status, Fu Yuya still dared to make trouble, which shows that the status of the Rune Academy is far inferior to that of the Holy Pill Academy. Shengdanyuan is not too far from Runwenyuan, but Shengdanyuan is on the flat ground, unlike Runwenyuan on the top of the mountain. Shengdan Academy is very large, and its location is also the most impressive place, Slot Games. The reason why it occupies a large area is mainly because of the need to plant various

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