World Proud Leap Alchemy Chapter 4143 Endorphina Kunzu Villa

The Specter Soul can fly fast, that’s why Chen Xiang asked him to help Rumble find it, so that he could know where Ke Yumeng is faster. Chen Xiang didn’t wait long in the treasure building, when the ghostly spirit flew back. “Master Shen, Yumeng is kneeling in front of a big prison…” After the ghost came back, Admiral Ma told Shen Xiang livescore what he found. When Chen Xiang learned that Ke Yumeng was fine, he immediately felt relieved. “It should be that her father was arrested and put in prison by real madrid, she is going to intercede!” Chen Xiang probably guessed something. Why was Ke Yuanfei suddenly imprisoned? He is an elder! Chen Xiang also couldn’t figure it out, so he could only find Ke Yumeng first. The ghost spirit led the way, Chen Xiang left the villa, and walked quickly towards the prison. Many people were looking at him along the way, because he had a large black spot on his face, which was very conspicuous. But even if he has sports betting dark spots on his face, he can still be seen from the outline of his face. He is very handsome, and his facial features are all good-looking la liga. Coupled with the dark spots, he looks very contradictory . It is a pity that there is a dark spot on a very beautiful face. Chen Xiang didn’t care at all, he just wanted to see Ke Yumeng quickly. Inside the Dakun Sect, suddenly there was a No. 1 person like Chen Xiang, and everyone was very curious, because like him, he should be very famous. Chen Xiang didn’t know that he couldn’t stay in Dakun Sect. After all, something happened to Ke Yuanfei, and his identity token was given by Ke Yuanfei. If he was investigated, maybe he would be implicated. But bet game, he still has a token in his hand, the roulette was given to him by Guan Ying, let him go to Kunzu Villa to look for that Kunzu grandma

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