World Proud Pill God Chapter 4128 Sportybet new enemy

Although Chen Xiang moved to avoid the bead at the first time, he was still affected by the energy of the explosion and sent him flying. What made him feel unbelievable was that after coming to the sanctuary, he actually felt his body was very heavy, causing him to become very slow. The gravitational force he endured in the Sanctuary was at least several hundred times that of Man City’s Parimatch, so he couldn’t stay away from the explosion immediately, and was blown away by the impact. “Master Shen, are you alright?” Tian Clan Mother quickly grabbed the injured Chen Xiang, and walked away from the beach like flying. And in the distance, a large group of people came rushing forward, very fast, blasting waves of energy towards the Celestial Clan Mother from time to time. Although the Celestial Clan Mother is an old bone, she is still very sensitive. Even with Chen Xiang, Roulette can avoid attacks from behind. Chen Xiang’s whole body was in constant burning pain, his body had already suffered severe burns! He didn’t know whether it was caused by the explosion energy of the space-traveling bead, or the energy shot by those enemies. This kind of injury, when he was proud of the world, he couldn’t imagine it! The Celestial Clan Mother said before that the people in the Sanctuary are very strong, Chen Xiang didn’t quite believe it at the time, but now that he feels the terrifying waves of energy coming from behind him, he can be regarded as knowing about the Sanctuary How terrible the power is. However, he was even more amazed at the power of Aoshi Tiandi’s law, which could actually limit the people in the Sanctuary and God’s Domain so weakly. Otherwise, the people in the Sanctuary would really be able to destroy the world there if they went to Aoshi Tiandi. “Mother Tian, ​​who from Liverpool is attacking us?” Chen Xiang is still carried on the shoulders of Evolution Game by Mother Tian. “Enemies! Wait until you get rid of them!” The Celestial Clan Mother must concentrate on running away now

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