Proud Poker World Alchemy God Chapter 4053 Ape demon siege

Theme Mode: Restore Default Author: Silent Little Thief chelsa Update Time: 20071904:53 After Suzaku Tenderness Silk enters Liu Meng’er’s body, it will fuse itself, but the fusion will cause certain repulsion, more and less will make her feel a little painful. At that time, in that imperial mausoleum, Chen Xiang Nairabet was rushing to find Tianzun Lingfeng, so he could only temporarily help Liu Meng’er seal Suzaku’s tenderness. Today’s Suzaku tenderness has been sealed and is in a deep sleep state, which will not affect Liu Meng’er for the time being, but Chen Xiang doesn’t know if he will wake up in the future. Judging from Suzaku Tender Silk’s previous reaction, if Liverpool were to merge with Liu Menger, it would cause great pain to Liu Menger. So Chen Xiang has been worrying about this matter for Paripesa, but fortunately he can stay by Liu Meng’er’s side all the way, even if something happens to Suzaku Tender Silk, he can immediately intervene. “Sir Shen, don’t be in such a hurry? Wait until you go back to Bet9ja! I’m a little worried about Surebet247 in this environment.” Liu Menger looked around. “We don’t need to go back in a hurry! The situation in Starfire City is very stable, and NetEnt we have to wait for Wu Yujun, she should have controlled the palace now.” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “Wait for her for another day or two, and we will go directly to Tianheng Palace Find her.” “That’s fine! I’m just worried that if you help me integrate Suzaku’s tenderness, sports betting will be backfired!” Liu Meng’er sighed softly: “I can feel the power of Suzaku’s tenderness… Although you There is some kind of connection with Suzaku Rouqingsi.” “Don’t think too much, it will go very smoothly.” Chen Xiang took out the Magic Mirror of Six Paths, and with the help of sister Xiaojing, Liu Meng’er will not be able to fuse Suzaku Rou BGaming Qingsi in the process. So painful. According to sister Xiaojing,

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