Night Ranger Chapter 237 Slate of Destiny Evolution game! [Fifth Parimatch more! 】

No matter how powerful the giant dragon, no matter how terrifying the descendant of the god was, his heart was crushed and the source of god was crushed, there was no way to revive him from the dead. +◆+◆, the cunning Clarkson was completely torn into pieces of black dragon meat. The huge pit in the eastern part of Luanshi Mountain is like a dish, and the black dragon Clarkson is that dish! The entire city of hope and even the rocky mountain fell into dead silence. Everyone stared blankly at the figure shining with colorful lights. His face is thin and slender, under the background of the brilliance, he looks like a god. It might not take long for the name Dragon Slayer Robin to spread throughout Feinan! What’s more, his miraculous stunt and dragon slaying method completely different from ordinary Betting dragon slaying warriors will be recited by thousands of people. Tear the black dragon by hand? ! I’m afraid even some gods may not be able to do it. But with the help of Ben Ding and Jessica, Marvin managed to do this abruptly! The silence lasted for about half a minute. Then came cheers like a storm! Marvin stood on the body of the dead Clarkson, his body gradually felt violently weak. On the attribute panel, Stupid’s luck is constantly fading, and the colorful lights are also constantly disappearing. Part of it returned to Jessica’s body, and the other part of the live betting was exhausted. After this battle, Marvin gained a lot of killing experience! The first is the experience of the black dragon itself, nearly 11,000 points; the dragon template is doubled, and it suddenly becomes 22,000 points, plus an additional 30% after the Clarkson mutation (after doubling). He has gained a total of nearly 30,000 killing experience! This killing experience,

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