Aoshi Danshen Chapter 4022Bet2flashscore3 Divine Furnace Refining Dzi Beads

Liu Meng’er also knew that her main mission in coming to Starfire City was to help Chen Xiang build Starfire City. Xiao Xianglin didn’t tell her how to help her specifically, but only said that Spark City needs the help of a formation master to arrange a big formation or something. And now, Chen Xiang actually wants to pull her to snatch the forces outside the sky! If it was before, Liu Meng’er would definitely refuse without hesitation, because this kind of thing is too risky. But now that Chen Xiang is going, she wants to go with the baccarat in her heart, mainly to protect Chen Xiang. She still doesn’t know how powerful Chen Xiang is, so she thinks it is very dangerous for Chen Xiang to fight against the forces from outside the sky, and deep down in her heart she is very eager to protect Chen Xiang. In fact, even Xiao Xianglin and Bai Youyou didn’t know how terrifying Chen Xiang’s current strength was. Only Huang Jintian and Master Aoshi knew about it. Seeing Liu Meng’er hesitating, Chen Xiang knew that she was worried, so he smiled and said: “Sister Meng Roulette casino slot, I have the Magic Mirror of Six Paths, if Nairabet can’t beat or is surrounded by enemies, we can go through the magic mirror of Six Paths.” The mirror ran away.” He released the Six Paths Mirror and made it bigger, then jumped on it, stretched out his hand, and said with a smile, “Sister Meng’er, come up and try!” Liu Menger also naturally reached out and grabbed it. Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang pulled chelsa Liu Meng’er’s soft jade hands, gently pulled her up, and then controlled the Six Paths Mirror to release a shield. “Young Master Shen, you are really good at controlling the Divine Mirror of Six Paths!” Of course Liu Meng’er is aware of the horror of the Divine Mirror of Six Paths. You know, this Mirror of Six Paths was once in the hands of these women in BGaming Baihua Tiandi, and went out to fight with them. Although the Mirror of the Six Paths was in Chen Xiang’s hands, Liu Meng’er didn’t feel that there was anything wrong, because they

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