Aoshidan Poker God Chapter 3993 Liverpool game in the forest

Prince Dayan started to get a little crazy in his heart, he obviously has a higher level of cultivation than Bet9ja Chen Xiang, he is older than Chen Xiang, and the exercises he has learned must be more exquisite than Chen Xiang, but he just can’t catch up with Chen Xiang! After this wave of chasing, Prince Da Yan was also dazed, he was already far away from the Duke of Demon Slayer, and he couldn’t even hear the movement of the battle over there. “Chen Xiang, if you continue to run, you will really die!” Prince Dayan was in a hurry, and even shouted: “If you want to stop flashscore, I will give you the detoxification pill, so that you can pick it up.” Come back with one life!” “Why do you have the detoxification pill?” Chen Xiang asked. “It’s the Betway premier league that Livescore Zhenmo Tianzun gave me, it can cure hundreds of poisons!” Prince Dayan can only lie now, because his main purpose is to make Chen Xiang stop, and then go directly to take Chen Xiang down. Chen Xiang stopped suddenly, Prince Yan was overjoyed! The main reason is that Chen Xiang felt that he was far enough away from the Duke of Extinguishing Demons, and Prince Da Yan chased him all the way, constantly using blood energy to attack from a distance, and the blood energy blasted out of the body, which was a huge consumption. That is to say, Prince Great Yan has been consumed a lot now, but he is still very confident, thinking that Chen Xiang is not his opponent at all. After Chen Xiang stopped, the Great Flame Prince took a deep breath, and secretly condensed the blood energy in his body, he wanted to punch Chen Xiang to death. He can’t kill Chen Xiang yet, because he wants to find out from Chen Xiang the method of cultivating spiritual consciousness. “That’s right, my live betting is the crown prince of the Great Yan Empire after all, how could I harm you? You are the best disciple of the Xingyan Sect, the number one in the competition, you are the genius of my Great Yan Empire ” Prince Yan walked over with a smile, and at the same time condensed blood, when he approached Shen

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