World Proud Pill God la liga Chapter 3978 Magic Parimatch curse lifted

Shen 1xBetxiang saw that Zhenmo Tianzun had many good things on him just now. Although those good things are nothing compared to Qinglong Slaying Demon Knife and Six Paths Mirror, it can be seen from this that Zhenmo Tianzun’s Premier League is still in the end. very thick. This Zhenmo Tianzun gave a poison pill to kill Chen Xiang, of course he would not let Zhenmo Tianzun go. “Borrow?” Long Jiuxiao seemed to understand what Chen Xiang meant. “I’m afraid it’s not easy to borrow, is it?” Of course Headmaster Xingyan knew that Chen Xiang was going to steal Demon-Suppressing Heavenly Venerable, how could it be so easy to steal. “You guys help me to investigate, I want to know where Slot Games Zhenmo Tianzun lives! He can come to Qianlong Village so quickly, he should be in the territory of Great Yan Empire.” Chen Xiang has already decided to act. “Master Shen, do you want me to go with you?” Long Jiuxiao was a little worried. “I will have helpers at that time! Slot Games” Chen Xiang smiled, he already had a very suitable candidate in his heart. “Leave the investigation of Zhenmo Tianzun to me!” Long Jiuxiao said: “I also have some spies in Aoshi Tiandi, and they are all very good. They will definitely find the residence of Zhenmo Tianzun soon.” “Then Please trouble Senior Jiuxiao!” Chen Xiang said Mozzartbet: “I’ll go to retreat to practice first, I want to improve my strength as soon as possible.” Chen Xiang said that he wanted to improve his strength as soon as possible, it must be very soon. Headmaster Xingyan and Long Jiu BetWinner Xiao have no doubts, but they don’t know how fast it will be. And Chen Xiang’s strength cannot be judged by his cultivation! As soon as Chen Xiang returned to the forbidden area of ​​Xingyan Sect, the headmaster Xingyan sent an urgent message to him with a message talisman! Hua Xiangyue and Bai Youyou are here! When Chen Xiang heard the urgent news, he shivered immediately! Intuition told real madrid that their Pragmatic play is most likely because of that kind of dream

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