Aoshidan Parimatch God Endorphina Chapter 3963 Great Victory

The latest site name of the main text: Mubi Pavilion Tianheng Prince Sportybet is also stunned. He pretended to be at the sixth level of the Taoist realm, but his real cultivation is at the eighth level of the Taoist realm. If he only had the sixth level of the Taoist realm, he would not dare to fight These seven heavy tricks. But Chen Xiang dared, and he was very calm, this is really the sixth level of Dao Human Realm! Yi Jiaxiao also felt that Chen Xiang was scary, because Chen Xiang flashed around Paripesa around Wang Shuangjian at a very fast speed, even Msports she couldn’t accurately judge where Chen Xiang would flash. “I want to attack your left side! I want to attack your right side, I want to attack your head, I want to sweep your legs…” Chen Xiang circled around Wang Shuangjian, but he didn’t move, but his mouth didn’t stop Come down, causing great psychological pressure on Wang Shuangjian’s Endorphina. Wang Shuangjian had to face Yi Jiaxiao and guard against Chen Xiang’s sneak attack. He was really tired and put a lot of mental pressure on him. Suddenly, Chen Xiang finally caught an excellent opportunity, immediately flashed over, and slapped Wang Shuangjian hard on the back. The violent blood energy surged into Wang Shuangjian’s body and wreaked havoc! In an instant, the clothes on Wang Shuangjian’s body were torn apart by the blood energy, and many cracks appeared on the surface of his body. This kind of injury broke out from the inside to the outside of Nairabet, which shows how serious the internal injury is. Wang Shuang’s Premier League sword has been abolished! Another one fell down, and it was brought down by the sixth level of Taoism! There was a sudden exclamation on the field. They were all shocked by this young girl from the Xingyan Sect, how terrifying they were after breaking through. Chen Xiang looked towards Prince Tianheng, and rushed over! “Mr. Shen, don’t come here. This is a battle between me and them. I’m dignified, and I’m sure I can defeat them like Liverpool.” Tian Heng

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