Ao Shi 1xBet Pill God Chapter 3918 Paripesa Tianyan God Disk

Chen Xiang looked blank, he didn’t expect Huang Jintian to be so rich in associative ability, he actually believed that he was the descendant of the Ancestral God? I am my own descendant? Chen Xiang was very helpless in his heart. Not only Huang Jintian, but even Hua Xiangyue next to him, suddenly Paripesa thought so! Chen Xiang was able to control the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths, and he was able to subdue the roulette dragon soul, and he was also accepted as an apprentice by Xiao Xianglin. The biggest proof is that Chen Xiang has mastered various powerful secret methods, such as live betting such as soul pills, casino slots, and the refining method of blood yuan pills, which Hua Xiangyue has never heard of. Then there is only one explanation, Chen Xiang has the supreme inheritance of the Ancestral God. “I…I’m not, I’m the Ancestral God!” Chen Xiang said seriously: “I can’t be my descendant!” “Hahaha… Mr. Shen, how long do you want to make trouble for?” Huang Jintian After finishing speaking, he suddenly knelt down on both knees and bowed respectfully to Chen Xiang. “Descendants of the ancestors, from now on, I, Huang Jintian, will follow you, and Pragmatic Play will be your most loyal subordinate!” Huang Jintian said. Chen Xiang is in a daze for the Evolution game! Suddenly, Hua Xiangyue also knelt down. “Greetings to the descendants of the ancestors and gods!” Hua Xiangyue also bowed respectfully. “What are you all doing, get up!” Chen Xiang was very depressed. Could it be that he really doesn’t have the appearance of an ancestor god? That’s right, he still looks like a teenager, and he doesn’t look like the extremely powerful and proud ancestor god in the legend. Hua Xiangyue and Huang Jintian have already woken up. “You are my master!” Chen Xiang smiled wryly. “From today onwards, it will no longer be the case! Mr. Shen, the identity of the Spinmatic person must be kept secret!” Huang Jintian said seriously, “You must not spread this matter.” Then, he looked at Hua Xiang again.

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