Night Ranger The Second Rumble Chapter 125 Chelsa Blood Race Ancestor

Volume 2 Before the Cataclysm Volume 2 Before the Cataclysm In the darkness, Marvin kept falling. ∈↗, with super smooth stone walls on both sides, he couldn’t even stop this downward trend with his super agility. Fortunately, the fall ended soon, and he finally landed on a soft place. It was a very old sofa with a lot of dust on it, which choked Marvin’s face. No doubt rumble, this is a secret room. Marvin vaguely understood. He patted the dust on his live score, started Pragmatic Play to look around the secret room, and a dark spiral staircase appeared in front of Marvin! As long as you walk along this spiral staircase, you can reach the end of the secret room – the entrance to the underground palace in chelsa. “So that’s how it is…” Surebet247 “In this way, the whole poker story can be sorted out.” Marvin suddenly realized. He no longer hesitated, and began to advance carefully along the spiral staircase. This is just a transitional secret room, there shouldn’t be any traps, but we still have to be careful. As he walked, he recalled some past events about Tulip Castle. Tulip Castle, a once prosperous city la liga, was eventually destroyed in the hands of the blood clan. When the owner of the castle was young, he loved his wife very much. Every night the husband and wife loved each other, and they were naturally very happy. But one day, that lord suddenly met an alchemist in Spinmatic. Under the guidance of an alchemist, he became obsessed with alchemy and immortality, but he began to abandon his young and beautiful wife. Over time, the estrangement between husband and wife is also growing. Rumors about the owner of Tulip Castle being addicted to alchemy also spread throughout Pang

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