The God of Aoshi Pill Chapter 38affiliate88 The correct way to eat the elixir

Yan Zilan didn’t detect anything, which is actually quite normal, because Chen Xiang’s body is not an ordinary body. Maybe even Chen Xiang didn’t know about his own livescore, he just thought that his soul entered a big tree, and then condensed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to reshape Endorphina’s physical body. In fact, his current body was born from heaven and earth. “Sister Zilan, are you checking seriously?” Chen Xiang was a little depressed while wearing his clothes, always feeling that Yan Zilan’s attention was not on checking his body. “Ahem… I really checked it carefully! But the premier league may be that Sister Xiao did something in your body, so I can’t detect it.” Yan Zilan said with some embarrassment: “Brother Shen, I was really Betting just now I didn’t take advantage of you!” “I hope you don’t, give me the Blood Yuan Pill quickly!” Chen Xiang urged: “I can really eat it!” “Okay, okay, but I must be by your side Forebet side!” Yan Zilan took out a Blood Yuan Pill and handed it to Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang took it over and looked at it, then put it into his mouth and ate it! “Ah… what are you doing!” Yan Zilan yelled. “I’m taking blood pills!” real madrid Chen Xiang said with a puzzled look on his face, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” “How can you eat spirit pills like this!” Yan Zilan said anxiously: “If you eat like this, you will There’s a big problem.” Chen Xiang was very surprised, that’s what Dan ate a hundred thousand years ago. “Quick, spit it out!” Yan Zilan was very panicked, she quickly picked up Chen Xiang, then stood on the table, grabbed Chen Xiang’s feet, and let his head face the ground. “Sister Zilan, let me down!” Chen Xiang shouted, “It’s all in my stomach, I can’t spit it out!” Yan Zilan could only put Chen Xiang on the table, and then put her hands on the table.

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