Proud FlashScore Pill God Chapter 3873 Champions League Soul of Ten Thousand Dragons

Long Huishan immediately led Chen Xiang to speed up and run forward. She didn’t feel any demon approaching until now. However, she believed what Chen Xiang said. Because Chen Xiang’s consciousness is very powerful, with this strength of consciousness, he can indeed sense the demon spirits far away. Some monsters hide very well. If Betking is not careful, he may be attacked by surprise, or even killed by one blow. It is not uncommon for a famous strong man to be attacked and killed by a demon. Powerful demon spirits are also very intelligent, and some can even pretend to be humans and approach them completely. It is difficult to detect the opponent’s live betting species without detecting them. So when Long Huishan met Chen Xiang before, the first thing she did was to test his Dao Seed, which shows that she has a lot of experience in dealing with demon spirits. “Why is your consciousness so strong? How did you cultivate?” Long Huishan was curious. In this era, it is very difficult to cultivate a strong spiritual sense, and even Long Huishan of 1xBet has only a little bit. “This is what I was born with!” Chen Xiang said: “Sister Long, be serious, there is a strong enemy behind Sportybetpoker!” Long Huishan didn’t feel what was behind, but she chose to believe in Chen Xiang , because this little brother Slot Games used to have a hippie smile, but now he has become very serious, which means that he really perceives the danger behind him. “Are you sure it’s the Dragon Soul, how far is it from us?” Long Huishan asked. “Hurry up, it won’t take half an hour to see you! That dragon soul seems to be very dangerous… maybe something dangerous is trapping the dragon soul.” Chen Xiang can only feel the direction of the dragon soul now, and there is still a little more time left. A very powerful force. “I should be able to deal with it!” Long Huishan has no idea about forebet now, because the Heavenly Demon Abyss and her

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