World Proud Pill God Chapter 3843 Bet9ja live betting again to detoxify the devil

“Xing Yanhou, this poison is hard to cure, please don’t bother us!” A middle-aged woman from Parimatch said to Spinmatic. “Girls, I… alright!” Xing Yanhou stopped talking. That is to say, in Xing Yanhou’s eyes, these two middle-aged women are considered girls, but in fact their temperament still looks very young. Xing Yanhou could only helplessly look at Chen Xiang. “It takes at least five days for them to be poisoned, within these five days, she will definitely not be able to detect the weak poison!” Chen Xiang sent a voice transmission to Xing Yanhou. These two women are from Hundred Flowers Heaven and Earth, and their own strength is not weak. Even if they are poisoned, nothing serious will happen in a short time. After two hours, they stopped. “This kind of magic poison is very strong and strange, we have never seen it before!” “Xing Yanhou, we need more time to study, we will contact the excellent pharmacists in Baihua Tiandi and ask them for advice!” The two After the middle-aged woman finished speaking, she comforted Ye Huahua, telling her not to worry, but to maintain an optimistic attitude. Evolution game “Girls, to be honest, this little friend can detoxify. And… Paripesa was the one who discovered the devil lurking in my mansion before.” Xing Yanhou said: “Maybe let him have a try?” The two The middle-aged woman frowned repeatedly. Chen Xiang was a young man, as long as his eyes were not blind, he could tell that his handsome face was full of youthfulness. Chen Xiang just smiled faintly at them. “It’s up to you!” A woman just waved her hand. They felt a little unhappy, because the star Endorphina Yanhou said that they had been poisoned by chelsa, and then said that a young man could cure the poison of Betting. Isn’t this looking down on them? Everyone knows that Baihua Tiandi is very outstanding in pills, and their pills are very popular in every world.

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