Ao Shi Pill God Paripesa Chapter 3828 1xBet Dao Seed

Gao Yi’s sect is called Fuhuomen, and it is a sect that mainly cultivates flames. Chen Xiang only accepts Bet9ja disciples who have awakened the fire attribute dao species. Chen Xiang originally thought that the Fuhuomen’s scale was small, but he didn’t expect it to be the second echelon sect in the Aoshi Tiandi. Their main gate is not nearby, but BetWinner has a branch gate near this Weiyang City, and the Fuhuo Gate operates in a special way. Their branches are all in charge of groups such as families or chambers of commerce and gangs. For example, in Nairabet, a family in Betting thought they could open a branch, and then applied to the main door of Fuhuomen to join, and paid a fee, and every once in a while, contributed a sum of resources to the main door, and Some good people will do. The Fuhuomen branch near Weiyang City is managed by a chamber of commerce. They have recruited a large number of disciples. Endorphina charges entry fees and a practice fee every year, and uses a large number of disciples to help them work for free. It can be said that this is a very good deal. After all, those families or people with a little wealth hope that they can have a relatively famous name and that they are disciples of a certain sect! Therefore, there are many disciples of the Fuhuo Sect, but most of them are outer disciples. If you want to become a disciple of the inner Parimatch Sect, you need the approval of the head sect. For example, Gao Yi, he passed the assessment of the main sect, and he is a disciple of the inner sect of the Fuhuo sect in the true sense, not those pheasant disciples. Because he was recruited by the branch of Weiyang City, he would come back here from time to time to help the branch. Gao Yi’s Dao Seed is Fire Dao Seed, a good seed born to refine fire. Chen Xiang wanted to go with him to the Slot Games at the main gate. He wasn’t interested in splitting games, but there must be something for splitting games.

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