Aoshi Danshen Chapter 3Bet9ja798 sports betting ancestor flesh and blood

Chen Xiang was beaten to the point of bleeding, his chest was trampled on by the tall and thin underground man, and he couldn’t move. ∈♀, x. “Young Master Huang, can we start eating now? This guy is a little weak, but the flesh and blood on his body contains a lot of energy.” affiliate Ah Shou said, impatient. “Wait a little longer, if he doesn’t know people, then he can only take advantage of you.” The man in black looked at Chen Xiang coldly, and said with a sinister smile: “Hand over the creation key and the world-defying pill pattern honestly, otherwise you Next, I will see my hands and feet being eaten by the two of them.” “Why do so many people want the creation key? Could it be that you want to save the ancestor of the creation beast from Liverpool?” Chen Xiang lay on the ground, sneering road. “The ancestor of the creation beast, real madrid, is sealed. It is true that the creation key is needed to break the seal, but we are not trying to save him, but for other purposes.” The man in black said: “Online Casino only needs the creation key Slot Games, we can open the door to Chuangyuanshenyu, that is the place we most want to go!” Chuangyuanshenyu has a powerful guy like Jinhuo Overlord, Mozzartbet is very likely to hide casino slot in Chuangyuanshenyu What! “After you hand over the Chuangyuan key and the world-defying pill pattern, I can let you go, and you can live freely in Chuangyao Shenzhou in the future.” The man in black took out a knife: “If you don’t agree, I will Cut off your hand and feed them now.” “I won’t agree, what can you do with me?” Chen Xiang laughed, his body shook, and a terrifying evil erupted, causing the man in black to suddenly Surprised. “Quick… beat him up quickly.” The man in black shouted hastily. Just after he finished speaking, a large piece of blood suddenly fell, drenching

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