Ao Shi Dan man city God Chapter 3783 sports betting Dan magic platform

If Long Yue really agreed to the Yanmei Pill Demon and exchanged Chen Xiang, she would definitely be ridiculed by the Yanmei Pill Demon, and she also didn’t want to see Chen Xiang and the Yanmei Pill Demon together. The latest chapter read… “You don’t need to worry about the matter of the hell star core, I will handle it myself, you just need to win the casino slot during the competition.” Long Yue said: “That competition is very important, you lose It doesn’t matter to anyone, but you absolutely can’t lose to the Yanmei Pill Demon.” “It’s more important, but I’m not because of the Yanmei Pill Demon.” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “I will definitely win BGaming!” If you win four One pill demon can get four kinds of pill recipes. At that time, the four indifferents will need to give him the required medicinal materials. Those medicinal materials must be Spinmatic, which is very rare in ancient times. He already has Shenyuan crystal ginseng now, but he lacks some Betway medicinal materials to match, so he must win that competition. “You can’t take it lightly. You have seen the Scorching Sun Pill Demon and the Tianyu Pill Demon. These two guys can tell at a glance that they are not good things.” Long Yue said: “Maybe they will really play y in secret , you must be more vigilant.” “Yes!” Chen Xiang nodded seriously, the Scorching Sun Pill Demon presides over this competition, and he decides the rules. In hell, the refined pills must be different from those in the ancient era, because the environment of hell can grow very strange medicinal materials. If Chen Xiang was not familiar with these medicinal materials for alchemy, he would definitely be unfamiliar with them, and the Scorching Sun Alchemy would be able to make a big fuss about Endorphina. There are still a few days before the competition, Chen Xiang spends all day in Huangtianlou to familiarize himself with all kinds of magic medicines in hell, but he bought a lot of medicines and put them in

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