Proud Baccarat Poker World Alchemy God Chapter 3768 Hell Rules

“Is there any problem with this? Only by breaking through under hell and cultivating the world-defying source can I not be afraid of the Golden Fire Overlord!” Chen Xiang thinks there is no problem, he is an alchemist, and he still has some medicinal materials baccarat in his hand. ↑, x. “Cultivating the source of the world-defying god? This is not an easy task. It requires a very huge la liga energy support. The Nine Gods Tree was almost sucked dry at the beginning, but in total, not many people in NetEnt were able to cultivate it. The source of the world-defying god? The energy in hell is thin, and you can only break through in a dream.” Long Yue was very sure, and sneered at Chen Xiang’s words. “Maybe 22Bet is just what you think, I have confidence in myself.” Chen Xiang stuck out his tongue at Long Yue; “You are just a self-righteous guy, if you think you can’t do it yourself, you think others can’t do it!” “Obviously You think you are flashscore, and you are still talking about me? Don’t you know how difficult it is to cultivate the world-defying source?” Although Long Yue herself cultivated the world-defying source, she felt a burst of fear when she recalled this difficult process. Of course Chen Xiang didn’t know how hard the process of cultivating betway was, but he felt that he would definitely be able to break through. “When will you reach hell?” Chen Xiang didn’t want to continue entangled with Long Yue on this topic. “Soon!” Long Yue snorted coldly: “Why, do you think of other ways now? I can stay in hell for a long time. If you can’t stay in hell for a long time, you have to figure out a way out yourself.” Obviously you have also cultivated the source of the world-defying god, why are you so afraid of the overlord of the golden fire?” Chen Xiang couldn’t think of any other way, and the only way was to cultivate the source of the world-defying god, and go out after becoming stronger. “Proud Shenyuan also

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