World Proud Alchemy Chapter live betting3Leap753 Purple Fire Sacred Fruit

Chen Xiang came to a place where the Purple Fire God Spinmatic tree was relatively high. He was still some distance away from the flower, and he sensed a strong aura. There were indeed many people guarding the flower. “I’m not in a hurry to go there now, I’ll release the phantom first and go out to have a look.” After Chen Xiang’s phantom flew out, he looked for the people hiding around, and at the same time he saw the flower. The branches, leaves and trunk of the Purple Vulcan Tree are large, but the flowers that bloom are relatively small. Although this flower can hold dozens of people, it is still too small compared to those huge leaves. If viewed from a distance, this flower looks like a cluster of small purple flames, like purple light spots in the dark night, which is very inconspicuous compared with the huge purple real madrid Vulcan tree . “When will the result be?” Chen Xiang asked He Fengyuan. “There are still about five days! But other NetEnt people don’t know, they think it will take a few months.” He Fengyuan said: “Just now I communicated with the tree soul, and the tree soul told me that he said he could get the result in advance “Now the traitors of the Premier League in the Nine Sacred Trees already know that the tree soul has been unsealed, so they can no longer control the various subtle changes of the Sacred Tree as before. Especially the exact time of the sacred tree’s fruiting, this will cause great inconvenience to BGaming. They have been used to controlling the sacred tree for so many years, but now they are suddenly out of control, which makes them at a loss for a while. Chen Xiang waited patiently. At the same time, he could figure out what cultivation level and where the people guarding here were, so that he could get rumble more conveniently at that time. A few days passed, He Fengyuan suddenly reminded Chen Xiang.

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