Night Ranger Chapter 112 Forbidden Abilities

Accompanied by Hera’s scream, Marvin suddenly turned his head. ↗, I saw a Deathwing knight unexpectedly grabbing Xiaoguai from Hera’s hands! He laughed triumphantly, and amid Hera’s desperate cries, his whole body suddenly rose from the ground and flew into the sky! His speed was so fast that he was about to disappear from Marvin’s sight. The Deathwing Knight is a creature with very bad habits! Many times in livescore, they catch and kill not for food, but just for fun and poker. For a child like Xiaoguai, they would often lift him up to a very high flashscore in the sky, and then let go! Let him fall down and turn into meat sauce! “Lord Robin!” Hera screamed desperately. Marvin naturally knew what she meant. When Leap got off him, he gritted his teeth, picked up Raven, pushed open the back door of the Wind Mill warehouse, and threw her in. “Look at her!” “Close the door, and don’t let the Deathwing Knights chase you in.” “Don’t worry, I will definitely rescue the little girl!” Nairabet hurriedly, and Marvin directly sent Hera Pushed into the barn, then slammed the door shut. In the next second, he jumped up high and Mozzartbet, his eyes focused on the Deathwing knight! Xiaoguai is very light, so he flies very fast. “I really need to find a way to get a set of flying items.” “It’s really a disadvantage when fighting against air units.” Marvin secretly made up his mind! His eyes were fixed on the Deathwing knight, he estimated the height and distance of the forebet, and then launched an explosion without hesitation! Jump in the dark! Second jump! Marvin’s body is directly taller

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