Alchemy God Chapter man city36live betting Chapter 93 Ice Crystal Holy Blood

Chen Xiang hid in another city, which was a very small city. He was here mainly to inquire about the news of the Holy City of Thunder. He had been here for a few days, and he only knew that the Holy City of Thunder was now closed. , no entry or exit is allowed. Please search (品#书……网) to see the most complete! The fastest-updated novel, Xiao Xianglin, is still helping Han Xiaoying break the seal in her body. For Xiao Xianglin, being able to get in touch with such a profound seal is a very rare opportunity, because it can improve her experience in cracking the seal, She can also learn something from it, especially this kind of seal made with a legendary spell, which is equivalent to a challenge in her eyes. A few days outside, hundreds of years are inside the time array, but the seal has not been broken, which shows how complicated it is. “Master, how’s the progress?” Chen Xiang asked, Xiao Xianglin’s main body was still outside, and she only let the avatar go in. “It’s very slow, this kind of Spinmatic seal is not so easy to solve.” Xiao Xianglin said: “First pay attention to the movement of the Chuanglei Saint Clan. Although you have retreated from the body now, it is hard to say what means they will have. I found you!” The reason why Xiao Xianglin was so worried was mainly because she had seen the seals and barriers in Liverpool of the Chuanglei Saint Clan, and they were all unpredictable. The founders here have reached the pinnacle of perfection by using various mantras. “There is no news at all, the main reason is that the holy city of thunder has been closed and cannot enter and exit, and there are still many large formations covering it, so the internal news cannot flow out at all.” Chen Xiang said. Even if you use the jade chelsa talisman now, you can’t send news from the city.

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