casino SlotOnline Casino Chapter 3678 Centipede Dragon

, please search (品书¥ to see the most complete! The fastest-updated novel The city built by the Chuanglei Clan is not surrounded by savage beasts whose claws are Dao-Creator Saint Crystals, which makes people feel very strange. It seems that the city is protected by some mysterious power , so that such wild beasts dare not approach. “Chang Dong, there are so many people gathered outside this city, and some people from Real Madrid seem to have been here for a long time.” Chen Xiang could see people building houses here, and these people definitely planned to stay here for a long time. . “These people are not good at living in the wild, and they don’t want to live that kind of life. Now that this is a small city, as long as they can keep chelsa here, they won’t run around.” Xia Changdong said: “Master, you Do you want to go in? As long as you don’t reveal your original identity, with your strength, they will definitely let you in.” “I won’t go in for the time being.” Chen Xiang looked at the high city wall, it looked like a A huge cage, he didn’t know why he felt like this. There are millions of people outside Chuanglei City. After all, after the collapse of other cities, those who don’t want to wander around come here one after another. They are also worried all day long, worried that there will be a herd of Nairabet beasts besieging here. Before, someone yelled “The herd is coming.” It scared many people from the Premier League to flee. The live betting was just a prank by one person, and the LeapBetway guy was beaten up by everyone. That kind of thing never happened again. After Chen Xiang and Xia Changdong walked around here, they learned that the previous city of the Chuangmu Clan had collapsed, and the pack of wolves had broken through the city wall of Sportybet and entered the city.

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