Spinmatic Proud Premier League World Alchemy Chapter 3663 Jing Yuner

Chen Xiang sat on the ground, looked at the beautiful face of Dao Chuang Crystal Mother, and said: “That’s it, let’s start working together, you can take me to find the Dao Chuang Saint Crystal Mine now.” Dao Crystal Mother can lead him to find enough Dao Creation Saint Crystals. Once it is refined into Dao Creation Beads, Betking can quickly open that array and lead to the evil realm of Creation Slot Games. “How can I trust you? You don’t seem to be very reliable. Although you have the key to creating evil, it seems that your cultivation level is not high.” said the Crystal Mother of Dao Creation. “My cultivation base is not high, but I can catch you. This is my skill! The group of trash who hunted you down before have a higher cultivation base than me, but in the end you still fell into my hands.” Chen Xiang Said. Mother Dao Chuang was very dissatisfied, and snorted coldly: “You mean, I’m not even as good as you, right?” Chen Xiang nodded seriously and said: “Yes, otherwise you wouldn’t be arrested by me! Now you You have no other choice, Endorphina, you can only choose to cooperate with me, which is beneficial to you! If you don’t cooperate with me, then you can only die with me in this place of creation, do you want to die?” “Old lady I don’t want to die, although I’ve lived for many years, I haven’t lived enough!” Mother Chuangdao hurriedly said: “Okay, I have no other choice but to cooperate with you temporarily, you little fart Boy, don’t play tricks in front of my old lady, or I’ll fuck you to death.” Chuang Dao Jingmu’s tone was full of threats, but Chen Xiang was not frightened, and smiled: “Eldest sister, I’m afraid of you, I’m sure You don’t know how to play tricks. Sister, you always have a name, right?” Spinmatic “Jing Yuner!” Mother Chuangdao Jing snorted softly, then looked at Shen

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