Proud World Alchemy God Chapter 3648 Tai Betking Yuan Legendary Pill

Chu Jinfeng was sealed in the barrier, he didn’t sense the breath of the Red Fire Dragon, otherwise he would be surprised. Now that he saw these old men rushing over for the dragon, he could see that the dragon was not easy. After Chen Xiang watched the old men go away, he immediately used his penetrating ability to directly penetrate the barrier outside Taiyuan Villa, and then walked carefully and quickly to that square. After approaching Chu Jinfeng, Chen Xiang released a clone, allowing the clone to use the penetrating ability to penetrate into the barrier that trapped Chu Jinfeng. “Chen Xiang?” Chu Jinfeng sensed the faint aura of the enchantment la liga, and then he sensed Chen Xiang’s aura. “Leader, I’m here to save you.” Chen Xiang’s avatar released the penetrating ability, covered Chu Jinfeng, and led Chu Jinfeng to penetrate the Endorphina realm. “Chen Xiang, it’s really you!” Chu Jinfeng was very pleasantly surprised, if no one came to rescue him, he would be in trouble when the Chuangshen Clan’s patriarch and others arrived. “It’s me, Surebet247! Leader Betting, why were you so careless, you were arrested by them.” Chen Xiang immediately controlled the clone in the distance, making that clone disappear, and at the same time took Chu Jinfeng away from the Tairumble Yuandan Bet9ja League. After Chen Xiang entered the Taiyuan Danmeng, he remained silent and was not discovered, and it was the same when he left with Chu Jinfeng, even Chu Jinfeng admired him unceasingly. “I didn’t expect them to become so strong as Paripesa, and they planned to deal with me long ago.” Chu Jinfeng sighed: “This Taiyuan Danmeng is finished.” Chu Jinfeng has followed Chen Xiang away from the Taiyuandanmeng , Those few old bettors went to look for the clone of the Red Fire Dragon and didn’t find it. After they returned to the Taiyuan Danmeng,

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