Proud World Slot Games Pill God Chapter 3633 livescore Secret Formation of Time and Space

sports betting “” The formation formed by the supreme mantra is very strong. The previous Eight Patriarch contract diagram used a lot of supreme mantras to form such a powerful formation. “There are not many Supreme Mantras, only about eight, and I don’t know what kind of formation it is.” Xiao Xiang frowned and said: “Rumble feels very strange. There are shadows of time formation and space formation inside. Could it be the space-time formation method?” “This kind of formation is hidden in the key, what will it be used for?” Chen Xiang looked at the dagger, he tried it, it was very sharp, and he could cut open a path easily Holy Crystal. “If it’s a space-time formation, maybe it can teleport people somewhere or something.” Shen NetEntxiang said: “Generally speaking, the power of space-time can break through the limitations of space-time more stably. It’s much better than the power of space.” Xiao Xianglin nodded: “You’d better find a way to find the Creator God, just ask him, he has two keys in his hand. The key in our hand, but The one from Dao Creation Evil Mountain may take us to a dangerous place, it is best to confirm with the God Master of Dao Creation.” Parimatch Xiao Xianglin returned to Youyao Villa, and now she continues to refine his super time array disk . “This dagger is really powerful. It was refined with baccarat?” Chen Xiang thought of the black stones that Song Longxuan had obtained before. They were stones made of bones. They can be used for alchemy and tools, and they are even more powerful than Dao Creation Saint Crystal. . Chen Xiang also forgot to ask Luo Jiuyang about the mysterious bone fossil. “I don’t know what the hell kind of place this is. I’d better go back to the original place and see if I can find Yang Genming.” Chen Xiang went to see it first.

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