Proud Bettingaffiliate World Alchemy God Chapter 3618 Dangerous Zone

Chen Xiang knew how to get to the Mantra Clan. Bai Youyou had swallowed the memories of the two people of the Mantra Clan before, so he knew very detailed. The Mantra Clan is also in the Wanchong Mountain area of ​​the Dao Creation Ancient Land. It is far away from here, hidden deep Inside the mountain, we and others hollowed out the mountainside of the mountain, which is usually in the mountainside. If you go directly in, you must not know that there is a group of people hidden inside. Chen Xiang is already on his way, of course he won’t enter the area where the Spell Clan is located all at once, the Spell Clan is very strong, Nairabet, he and the Mozzartbet are only concerned about the Yanshan Gate, if they are in a hurry, even if they are None of the other sects are their opponents. “The Spell Clan has such a strong strength, if they walk out of the Betking Dao Creation Ancient Land, what will happen?” Chen Xiang is worried about this, because the Spell Clan has been exterminated before, so they must be very concerned about this Spinmatic world. Full of resentment, it is not surprising that they do many unscrupulous things. On the way to the Mantra Clan, Chen Xiang flew at a low altitude among the mountains, heading to a deeper place at the fastest speed. Xiao Xianglin has not yet learned the supreme mantra that she just obtained, and it will take a certain amount of time to learn the supreme mantra Msports. She is now in a hurry to refine the super time array. “Master, how strong are those Supreme Mantras?” Chen Xiang asked. “They are all fighting types, not suitable for you to refine alchemy.” Xiao Xianglin said: “I don’t know how strong it is, I have to master it.” Chen Xiang has been driving for several days. The Mantras were getting closer, so he immediately stopped flying and came to the ground. For the next livescore journey, he had to climb over the mountains by himself. The mantra family is not good for the creation mantra

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