Alchemy God Chapter 3588 BGaming Purple Ice Curse sports betting text

Choice: Text Chen Xiang’s flame released by the Red Fire Dragon is a world-defying legendary fire. If he uses the boost spell, this legendary dragon fire will become even more terrifying. “I’ll give it a try!” Chen Xiang wasn’t sure if he could release the strongest legendary dragon fire, because the flame had to pass through his body. He tried Bet9ja and found that the legendary dragon fire is very hot, but BGaming has no problem la liga with the weaker one, and it is difficult to release the strongest one. “No way!” Chen Xiang’s whole body became very hot at this moment, it was all because he released a little bit of the strongest Legendary Dragon Fire just now. Chen Xiang thought about it, but he could only release the Red Fire Dragon, and controlled the Red Fire Dragon to directly release flames into the space where the Purple Ice Ape was trapped. The little white fox was staring at the purple ice ape right now, waiting for the soaring flames. “Junior Sister, are you ready? I’m going to start.” Chen Xiang said. “Okay, senior brother, Leap, you can release the flame now.” The little white fox nodded. Chen Xiang also entered into the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, watched from outside the space Paripesa where Zibing Ape was imprisoned, and he released the Red Fire Dragon to come out. The Red Fire Dragon is very small, with a pair of glowing fire wings, it looks like a flaming bird when it flies in the Premier League. “What is this? It’s amazing!” Seeing this tiny dragon, the little white fox shouted in horror: “Is this a dragon?” . The little white fox is also considered a beast, and is very afraid of the mysterious and super-powerful beast like the Red Fire Dragon. Chen Xiang’s cultivation is not as good as hers, but this dragon makes her feel scared. “You little fox, I’m going to kill you!” Zibing Yuan watched from inside.

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