The World-Proud Pill God Chapter 357Slot Games 3 chelsa’s Primordial Creation Pill

Liverpool’s latest chapter selection: The latest chapter of the Red Fire Dragon is a fusion of multiple world-defying beasts, and the appearance of the dragon is the most obvious, and it also has the breath of other world-defying beasts. “I don’t know what kind of dragon this is! It has become so small now I don’t know how strong the evolution game will be in battle. ()” Chen Xiang said, looking at the small red fire dragon with flapping fire wings on the back of his hand, he tried Leap, the red fire dragon couldn’t grow bigger. “It doesn’t matter, as long as you can borrow his power.” Feng Lanyi said rumble: “You can try Online Casino to see if you can absorb the legendary energy in his body. If you can release it successfully, the dragon’s It doesn’t matter the size.” Chen Xiang followed what Feng Lanyi said, after the Red Fire Dragon entered his divine sea, he used his mind to control the Red Fire Dragon to release a trace of legendary aura. This wisp of legendary air can be controlled by him smoothly, flowing in his body… It’s just that when the legendary air flows in his body, it makes him feel very hot and uncomfortable. It can be seen that the legendary energy released by the Red Fire Dragon is very strong. His powerful body at this time will feel burning pain because of it. He is only using a small amount of legendary energy. If he gets angry, he can’t bear it. Chen Xiang released the legendary air from his palm, and a scorching pressure rushed from all directions immediately, making Feng Lanyi extremely terrified, her face turned pale, she couldn’t help but exclaimed. “Put it away!” Feng Lanyi hurriedly said, “Control that wisp of legendary aura.” Feng Lanyi also released her power to suppress the tyrannical msports legendary aura, otherwise this live betting secret room will definitely be destroyed. destroy. Shen Xiangman

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