Proud World Casino Slot Pill God Chapter 354Surebet2473 Flying to God Island

The Seven Mountains God Island is a very sacred place in Hua Liqing’s eyes. Now that the Taoist Evil Ancestor has been broken, Hua Liqing is also worried. “I don’t know yet… The Dao Creator Evil Ancestor has broken the seal. The strong people on the Seven Mountains God Island must know.” Hua Liqing said: “If there is any danger, there will definitely be chaos now.” “Let’s go up and talk about it.” Let’s go!” Chen Xiang thought of Luo Jiuyang and Gutong Baccarat, the two of them have been missing since they took away the Dao Creator Evil Ancestor, which made Qin Shuang very worried. Hua Liqing asked Chen Xiang how he knew about the breaking of the Dao Creation Evil Ancestor, and Chen Xiang told her what happened in the Great Barrier. After listening, Hua Liqing just became more worried. “Where did Dao Chuang Xie Zu go to Leap now? It seems that he has been broken for a long time, but there is no trouble here.” Hua Liqing thinks that if the Dao Chuang Xie Zu bet game did not encounter something, Will definitely be here first. “Maybe his strength is not strong enough… He has been sealed for so many years, and his strength must have been affected to a certain extent. Now he has to hide and strengthen himself first, and then investigate the overall strength of Chuangdao Mountain, so as not to be caught again. Seal.” Chen Xiang said, he doesn’t know how to find Gu Tong and Betting Luo Jiuyang now. Whether Luo Jiuyang and Gu Tong are dead, no one at all knows, and Qin Shuang thinks that Luo Jiuyang is not dead, but something happened. “Sister Liqing, the head teacher of the Mushan flashscore faction is so powerful, he should stay in the Seven Mountains God Island, but last time he attacked me in the Slot Games, he was almost killed by him.” Chen Xiang said: “The Mushan faction is not At the top of Chuangdaoki Mountain, only in the middle of the

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