World-Proud Rumble Pill Chapter 3513 Ling Yong’s Worries

The latest chapter list is shared: Chen Xiang put ten Dao-creating holy stones in the time formation, which can work for a long time. “It shouldn’t be a problem for two people to enter the time array.” Feng Ke Betking said, she was ready to open the time array LiveScore, and sister Meimei entered the time array with the colorful giant cloud flower in her arms. “It’s turned on.” Feng Ke’er said. Chen Xiang still has some Giant Spirit Flowers at hand, he will use the Time Domain right now, and continue to refine the World-Defying God Pill. He is in the secret room, unable to perceive everything outside, but he can contact Youyao Villa in Shenhai World. After he refined more than twenty Aoshihuashen Pills, he sensed a very strong The fluctuations came from outside. The fluctuations that he could sense in the time domain were so strong that he immediately put away the time domain. “What’s the situation?” Chen Xiang looked at the secret room, Paripesa was not destroyed, but there was a strong aura pouring in from outside. “It’s Ling Yong’s!” Chen Xiang immediately walked out of the secret room, only to see Ling Yong in the secret room. “Ling Yong, what’s the matter?” Chen Xiang asked hastily. “The big thing is bad! You guy, you actually offended the Mushan faction.” Ling Yong said anxiously when he saw Chen Xiang. Before Song Longxuan went to sue Ling Yong, telling him not to gossip about Chen Xiang, but he didn’t tell Ling Yong that Chen Xiang provoked the Mushan faction. “En!” Chen Xiang nodded: “Have you found the Mushan faction?” “It’s almost time to find Sportybet on me.” Ling Yong sighed with a “ah” and sat heavily on a chair. “When you helped me sell baccarat to sell the world-defying god pill, didn’t you make those buyers swear in blood?” Shen said.

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