World-defying Pill God Chapter man city3498 research baccarat Chuangshen Pill

The following is ” ” ” ” for you to provide Spinmatic, please enjoy! Chen Xiang will also release the time domain next, so that he can learn the Dao creation mantra in it. “Use the triple time domain!” Chen Xiang felt it was a pity, if Xiao Xianglin was here, he could live betting to teach him how to learn the Dao creation mantra, and he could learn it faster. He has already mastered the first-level element spells and the second-level boost spells, and the third level is the space spells. Now he is not in a hurry to master them, but to learn the fourth-level fusion spells. “Let me see if I can learn a few more, the sixth one should be enough.” Chen Xiang used fusion spells, mainly for alchemy. If you fuse the six beasts, six fusion spells are obviously not enough! “Ahu also has a special fusion spell NetEnt, maybe I can use it.” Nairabet Ah Hu’s fusion spell belongs to the level of the legendary spell, Chen Xiang thinks that this legendary spell must be the evolution of the fusion spell into the premier league. Well, if he masters nine fusion spells, maybe it will be faster to learn. Chen Xiang’s legendary mantra was snatched away by a champions league elder from the Dragon Elephant Sect before. This veteran has now been blown to death by Xiao Xianglin with the Dao Creation Saint Crystal, and his body has been preserved by Xiao Xianglin, most likely for the purpose of preserving the legendary mantra arts. After staying in the time domain for these years, Chen Xiang has realized the importance of talent even more. It is too difficult for someone like him who has no talent to learn, but Xiao Xianglin has talent, and learning legendary mantras is like playing Leap. Very envious of BGaming. Ten days later, when Chen Xiang came out of the time domain, Msports sighed: “I can only learn the sixth fusion spell, the progress is too slow.”

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