Aoshi Danshen 22Bet Chapter 3468 Boulder Leap Formation

Ding Yuhai and a few old men led Chen Xiang and the others into the barrier. Only those old men used several man city arrays at the same time to open a door and enter. It can be seen that this barrier is very tight. Xiao rumble, Xianglin, and the others belonged to the Dragon Elephant Sect, and Ding Yuhai took them to the place where the head teacher of the Long Elephant Sect was. “Ding Yuhai, how is the situation here?” Xiao Xianglin asked, “Has anyone got the legendary spell?” Hoping to get the precious Dao-creating mantra, he suspected that Xiao Xianglin sneaked out by himself. “No one has gotten it yet.” Ding Yuhai shook his head: “As a young disciple, I don’t know the specific situation!” “Didn’t Luo Jiuyang and Elder Gu Tong come in the Slot Games very early? Didn’t they get it?” flashscore Shen Xiang asked curiously: “The area you are in is not very big, so you should have found it in the past few days.” “Brother Shen, you don’t know.” Ding Yuhai sighed: “Although we came here very early Yes, but the legendary spells are not easy to get… There are several boulders inside, and there are legendary spells in these boulders, but whether you can get them from the boulders depends on your own ability.” Bai Slot Games Youyou previously Ah Hu also knows this from his memory. There are seven huge stones inside. These huge stones contain legendary spells, and it is not easy to obtain legendary spells from them. “How many stones like this do we have in total?” Xiao Xianglin asked. “Seven yuan… was originally occupied by the three sects, but later a dispute arose and they thought it was unfair, so the seven giants were taken away.

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