Paripesa’s World-Proud Pill God Chapter 3438 Shooting Bet9ja Another Death

The following is “” “” for you, please enjoy! Chen Xiang knew that these three strange mountains were not simple, otherwise it would be impossible for so many trees to grow here. He remembered that when he fought with Chu Baocheng last time, he destroyed a lot of trees here. Sportybet but Paripesa The first time I came back, the destroyed tree had grown a lot. “What is in this strange mountain? Why can the trees in the three mountains maintain such a strong vitality.” Chen Xiang rode the magic mirror of six paths, flying in the woods in the strange mountain, looking for it to release life source of power. Although there are many towering giant trees in the strange mountain, there are no beasts in it, all of them are plants. Chelsa Chen Xiang has been flying here for half a day without even seeing a single bug. “These trees should have grown recently, not old trees.” Jiang Sijing came out of Youyao Villa and looked at the affiliate trees here. Only she and Jiang Simei could see more things from them. . “Sijing, can you communicate with these trees?” Chen Xiang asked: “I want to find the source, I think that place should be very good.” Heart and so on.” Jiang Sijing put his hand on the trunk of a tree, then closed his eyes, and began to communicate with the tree. It didn’t take long for NetEnt, and Jiang Sijing had a harvest. “Got it… flashscore… I really didn’t expect such a magical thing to exist here.” Jiang Sijing was also very excited, with a joyful smile on her face, she seemed to be very interested in that magical thing. “What magical thing?” Chen Xiang hurriedly asked

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