Aoshi Danshen Chapter 3 Evolution game 423la liga Red Fire Dragon Power

The red Vulcan Dragon in Chen Xiang’s Divine Sea World kept bursting out with mad power, as if it would break free from Chen Xiang’s control and rush out at any time. Feeling the anger of the Red Fire Dragon, Chen Xiang now fully understands that the Red Fire Dragon has already merged with him. Before that, he was a little worried that the Red Fire Dragon would lose control and break away from his Divine Sea World, but Now he is relieved. The Red Fire Dragon is equivalent to his other soul at this time, the anger, murder, evil, and rage deep in his soul, if one day he can’t suppress these, then he will lose control. Chen Xiang released the second prince. The second prince looked haggard at the moment. When he saw Empress Tianao, he immediately cheered up and shouted: “Queen Mother, quickly affiliate and save me!” “Chen Xiang, hurry up!” Let him go!” Empress Tianao was very furious before seeing Chen Xiang, but now she calmed down, the calmness shown by Chen Xiang seemed like the tranquility before the storm. Slot Games “I’ll take you there!” Nairabet Chen Xiang said lightly, as soon as his words fell, his arm suddenly shook, and a violent shock force gushed out, even the ground felt a slight shock. Chen Xiang slapped the second prince on the back, and sent the second prince flying. “Catch him quickly!” Empress Tianao hurriedly shouted, Chen Xiang’s palm just now was very strange, it seemed that he had used a very powerful force, but the second prince flew over lightly. Boss Zhao hurriedly jumped up and caught the second prince. However, the moment he caught the second prince, a shocking force suddenly burst out from the second prince’s body! After a muffled sound, the second prince’s body suddenly swelled and turned into a blood mist! just now

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