Alchemy God Chapter 3 Endorphinareal madrid Chapter 393 Snatching the Holy Bead

Peng Xuanfei and Chen Xiang stood behind Peng Guquan’s NetEnt. While waiting for the people inside to come out, Peng Guquan gathered strength all over his body, because no matter what, he wanted to get the Proud Soul Holy Bead back today. Before he contributed the Proud Soul Orb, baccarat caused others to be greedy. In order to get the Proud Soul Orb, 1xBet Peng Kunyao wanted to kill him and her daughter. Peng Gu real madrid felt very angry and chilled by this matter, and now he began to suspect that some elders in their Dapeng clan might also have such thoughts. “Peng Kunyao should have rushed back. Inside is his younger brother Peng Kunshan. We have to pay attention to Peng Kunshan’s expression later.” Peng Xuanfei sent a voice transmission to Chen Xiang. The door of the secret room was suddenly opened, which made Peng Kunshan very puzzled. After he walked out, he saw Peng Guquan standing at the door. Seeing Peng Guquan come back, Peng Kunshan was stunned immediately, his eyes widened and he couldn’t speak, he seemed to know something. After Peng Kunshan reacted, he rushed towards the Proud Soul Orb, but Peng Guquan was faster, and when he rushed over, he sent Peng Kunshan flying into the wall with his palm. “Hmph, do you want to possess my Proud Soul Holy Orb?” Peng Guquan said angrily. Peng Kunshan’s actions just now also made the two old Nairabet gatekeepers feel very abnormal! When Peng Kunshan saw Peng Guquan coming back, his first reaction was to take the Proud Soul Sacred Orb, and he knew at a glance that he wanted to keep it for himself. Peng Guquan had already taken the Proud Soul Holy Bead in his hand, he glared at Peng Kunshan, and shouted: “I know all about the nasty things you two brothers have done!” “Peng Guquan, what are you talking about? Why did you fight?” Me!” Peng Kunshan’s strength is not as good as Peng Guquan’s,

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